Guide: How to grow an organic lawn

There are ways to obtain a thick, healthy lawn and prevent the susceptibility of grass to weeds, disease, and pests. Focusing on soil health by natural organic means is safer for your children, pets, and the environment.

Lawn organics is a preventative approach that promotes sustainability. As with our health, prevention is the best medicine. Organics takes the natural approach to provide a healthy soil and lawn instead of treating the lawn with chemicals for problems.

Getting Results

The more intensive the previous chemical and maintenance regime, the more challenging the transition. However, each organic step along the way improves soil quality as well as environmental well being. Be patient. The complete transition may take up to three to five years. In the end you will have a healthy vibrant lawn that doesn’t require harsh chemicals to maintain.

Remember, you will never see a “yellow flag” on an organic treated lawn that reads “keep off”. That alone should tell you something.