Lawn maintenance FAQ

Q: Is there any smell with any of these organic products?
A: There is a slight smell in the dry and wet state that could last a day.
Q: How long will an organic program take to see results?
A: It all depends on your soil condition. It could take up to 3 to 5 years to have the full effects of an organic lawn.
Q: Will an organic program keep my lawn weed free?
A: No. There will always be some weeds in your lawn, but as the program progresses, the amount of weeds tend to get blocked out by healthy turf. An organic program works together to prevent weeds by mowing high, promoting a healthy soil, proper fertilization, over seeding, and watering.
Q: Is soil testing required?
A: Yes. Without testing the soil, there is no way to determine what your lawn requires.
Q: Does grass clipping create thatch?
A: No. Thatch usually occurs on turf that has been heavily fertilized with chemical fertilizers and is most common on poorly drained, compacted acidic soils.