Preventing damage to lawn while snow plowing

Snow plowing will take place after 3 inches of snow has fallen per storm. After persistent snows of only an inch or two at a time and when we have accumulated 3 to 4 inches, I will come in and scrape the driveway clean. Drifting snow is a variable that’s hard to predict, therefore I will check on a regular basis on some that have constant drifting, but for others I will rely on the owner contacting me. If there is packed snow on the driveway and weather turns warm for a short period of time, and conditions permit, I might scrape the driveway to prevent a buildup of ice.


Lawn Damage

To help prevent lawn damage, I will install driveway markers. This should help prevent most lawn damage and snow from being plowed in curtain areas. If lawn damage occurs during plowing, I will come back in April (or weather permits) to make repairs by cleaning up and removing any loose sod, adding top soil if needed, seeding, and applying organic fertilizer.